Veneno California ‎– Veneno California


Label: Miasma Of Barbarity
Ref: MAL004
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Portugal
Released: 2020
Style: Rock & Roll, Punk

(Re-) born from the ashes of Portuguese Rock from the 80s; driven by the electrifying time machine that saw generations degenerated by the dissonant sounds of the Stooges, Ramones, Radio Birdman, Dead Boys, Misfits or Turbonegro, grow and inspired by the Lisbon bohemian breeze Wharf and by the chance to wander through the shadows of Monsanto.  The lisbon Punk Rockers Veneno California, a quartet from Lisbon, invite you to an intense journey through the energetic simplicity of the 3 chords and the fulminating hi-hat rhythm a “la Ramones”, towards celestial California. Bastard sons of Coimbra tedium and the lethargy of Lisbon, Veneno California just released their first album, and they are calling for all of you to joint the celebration of Rock’n’Roll on these stages abroad.

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