Hoofmark – Evil Blues


Label: Miasma Of Barbarity
Ref: MAL013
Format: CD, Album
Released: 13 February 2021
Style: Black Metal, Country Rock
Categories: , ,

Inspired by the old ways of primitive metal and the sharper paths of blues tradition, HOOFMARK journeys through a renewed musical experience with 12 songs brimming with produced myth, folklore and overwhelming landscapes. “Evil Blues” is now available online, and on CD from February 13th through Miasma of Barbarity.

Miasma of Barbarity announces the release of the debut album of HOOFMARK, a black-heavy metal and blues project from Lisbon, Portugal. In a combination that highlights, on one hand, the deep roots of metal and, on the other, the energy and urgency of its most extreme versions, Evil Blues is a new journey through the sensational domains of darker sounds.
Evil Blues manifests itself through particular brands of black, heavy, doom and blues, sometimes controlled and cautiously, other times at the mercy of impatience for the uncertain future. To its songs belong not only distinctly raw guitars, which pierce through an ever-present bass and dynamic percussions, but also stories of violence and cynicism, end of the world, and the fatalism of inaction.

“This is what I like to call Porch Music further amplified by the haunting of the Evil Blues, though these sounds are not entirely shrouded in black. There’s a bit of doom, a bit of heavy and a load of blues,” stated the founder of the project Nuno Monteiro Ramos. “This album is primitive in the ways of old metal, “Evil Blues” released through Miasma of Barbarity cautions in the ways of the blues and pretty rash in its own ways. After all, HOOFMARK comes from a place of both urgency and anxiety; to put it simply: life and death.”

“HOOFMARK paints earthly views. Even in dreams, HOOFMARK remains here. Evil Blues is a new exercise of landscape distortion, twisting them according to its needs and focus of attention: the human being and its relationship with nature. Keeping its hands dirty and its feet wet is all HOOFMARK can ever hope for, and with the Evil Blues it’s all it ever will.”


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