Hexitium – Sorcery of Revenge


Label: Miasma Of Barbarity ‎– MAL016
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Portugal
Released: 2021

A year after the release of “The Sacrilegious Throne”, Hexitium are back with “Sorcery Of Revenge”. Via Miasma of Barbarity Records, who had previously released this Black/Death Metal project’s debut EP in 2020, their first record is now available on CD in a limited to 100 hand numbered units.

“Sorcery Of Revenge” is the natural progression from “The Sacrilegious Throne”. Repetitive and hypnotic riffs are ever-present, creating a thick wall of sound, which you are invited to go through. The more dynamic drums on this release take us down a descending path into a dark and hopeless world (of eternal nights and equally eternal torment, as the sixth and final track on the album reminds us), towards which a guttural voice draws you, with no return.

Like the debut EP, “Sorcery Of Revenge”, is comprised of six hellish tracks: “Ruthless Enchantments”; “Hellish Pyre of Hate”; “Sorcery of Revenge”; “The Claws of Violent Evil”; “Tortured Incantations”; and “Endless Nights of Eternal Punishment”.

Hexitium are as mysterious as their music. The project, about which little is known, introduced itself with the EP “The Sacrilegious Throne”, released in July of 2020 through Miasma of Barbarity Records. The cassette tape release, limited to 50 units, is sold out.

Last year also saw the release of the “Necrose Death Hunger” split with Concilium, in September, through the label Putrid Cult. “Sorcery Of Revenge”, released through Miasma of Barbarity Records, is this Death/Black Metal’s project first full length album.

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