Cold And Deceased – Unleash The Hordes


Label: Miasma Of Barbarity Records
Ref: MAL020
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
Released: Style: Death Metal, Black Metal

Unleash the Hordes is a conceptual album narrating the rise of the Tyrants. A race that inhabits the bowels of the earth in slumber. The day comes when they awake and unleash their unmatched fury upon mankind. Thirsty for war and conflict, they rise from their caves where for years an army was amassed, bringing forth plague, war, famine and death.

Along the tracks you will find both the perspective of the Tyrants and the perspective of Man. One trying to invade the other, with many casualties on both sides. What will be the outcome of the conflict?


1 March To Death
2 Unleash The Hordes From Hell
3 The Arrival Of The Tyrants
4 Let The War Begin
5 Taken
6 Through The Trenches
7 Prophecies Unbound
8 Close To The End
9 Slayers Of The Silver Chains



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