päria “demonios” EP cd limited to 100 copies worldwide! OUT NOW!!

Blood, smoke and anxiety: “Demónios”, the debut EP from the band from Aveiro, Päria, newcomers in the Portuguese punk scene, has all of the above, plus an extra serving of decadence.
Four months after being made digitally available on the band’s Bandcamp page, the EP is now released on CD, limited to 100 hand numbered units through Miasma of Barbarity Records, while the cassette tape release will be done through ANOISE RECS.
Päria are: Johnny (guitar); David (drums); Tosta (bass) and Redondo (vocals). The band’s first EP, “Demónios”, recorded at PostLab and mixed by Leandro Quaresma, was released in March of 2021 on the band’s Bandcamp page.
“Demónios” is a record which doesn’t give the listener any breaks or time to catch their breath. Its five tracks (“Mar de Sangue”; “Moribunda Ansiedade”; “Demónios”; “Abismo”; “Cortinas de Fumo”) follow each other in typical fast and wild punk fashion, in which Redondo’s despair inducing Portuguese vocals scream at us from a distance. There are, however, moments of actual melody which brings Päria closer to a more Rock sound.

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